FRC Dean’s List Nominee 2017

I was nominated by FRC Robotics Team 5431 to run for the Dean’s Lists Award at the Waco Regional. This award is one of the most important awards in FIRST Robotics and teams nominate juniors who are seen as the most impactful and best represent the communication, engineering, and learning skills that FIRST Robotics is about.

Member of AT&T PISD Hackathon winning team

I was a member of the 6 person team of high schoolers that won the AT&T PISD Hackathon. My team created FLO - Fab Lab Ordinance, and I came up with the initial idea and helped design as well as code the website we used to demo our prototype. FLO used a RFID tag on a student’s ID card to verify whether or not the student was actually certified to be able to safely use a dangerous tool in the PISD Academy High School’s Fabrication Lab (known as Fab Lab).

Founding member of FRC Team 5431

I was part of the initial founding team (less than 15 people) who created a high school FRC Robotics team that built a robot qualified to compete internationally. I am one of the two founding programmers of FRC Team 5431. This helped me learn how to create a team and communicate to other parts of the team such as the robot fabrication team to ensure that my code worked on the robot that was being built.

FRC 5431 Programming Lead 2017

After two years FRC Team 5431 had expanded enough to where it needed leaders. I stepped up to fulfill being the lead for the programming section of the team. I was tasked with mentoring rookie members who didn’t know how to code, creating order lists, and providing status/budget updates to the club. This was partially due to my greatly improved communication skills from when the club was initially founded to when I was teaching rookies before being elected as programming lead.

Honorary Mention during Intel Science Fair at District Level

I and two friends joined together to continue progress on the sleep apnea improvement device we had made during HackDFW. We completely revised the project, named it Slumber, and prepared to present at the Plano District Qualifier. We got Honorary Mention for our well-done prototype and good presentation.

Honorary Mention during Intel Science Fair at Dallas Regional Level

After the District Regional, my team progressed to the Dallas Regional. At this regional, there were much more competitors. The District Qualifier prepared us for the Dallas Regional Qualifier, and we greatly improved our presentation. However, we again got Honorary Mention for our good idea and good presentation.

Recognition by AT&T M2X Development Team

When creating FLO at the AT&T PISD Science Fair, I discovered an issue with one of AT&T’s libraries. I not only submitted my findings to Github (used by AT&T Foundry to track issues and problems with their code) but suggested a solution as well. AT&T development team thanked me, and version 3.0.1 of AT&T M2X software was released to fix the issue I reported.

National Honor Society Member

I have been a member of National Honor Society for 2 years after being inducted in 2015. For three years, I have done at least 40 hours of community service per year. I also maintained high grades and got recommendations from teachers to keep me in NHS. I also have worked on the NHS Campus Service Project which started in 2017.